Maui Airport Lei Greeting

Experience A Traditional Hawai’ian Welcome With A Maui Airport Lei Greeting

Experience A Traditional Welcome With A Maui Airport Lei Greeting
Maui Airport Lei Greeting
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Nothing says you’ve arrived in Hawai’i like a traditional Hawai’ian lei greeting!  Why not have your vacation start with being warmly greeted with a Maui Airport Lei Greeting as you arrive?

Many visitors to Maui travel from long distances to check Maui off their bucket list. For many, this is a once in a lifetime vacation so make sure you experience the luxury of a traditional lei greeting as you land in this tropical paradise.

Fragrant flower leis can last for days and their intoxicating scents can keep your condo smelling like you’re immersed in a tropical garden.

Here’s a list of a few companies* that offer lei greeting for your Maui airport arrival are;

Discount Hawaii Activities & Tours – (also listed as Get Leid Hawai’i) their lei greetings range from $20-$40 depending on the type. Certain types of floral leis need to be ordered several days in advance.

From their website;

Experience a traditional welcome to the Islands with a Hawaiian flower lei greeting at the Kahului Airport! Your friendly lei greeter will wait for you at the bottom of the escalators prior to entering baggage claim at the Kahului Airport and welcome you with a fresh flower lei. Reserve a Hawaiian lei greeting for yourself, or make a special gift for a family member or dear friend. This is also a great gift idea for honeymooners or first-time visitors to Maui.

You can choose between a variety of leis, including standard leis, leis for men or very fragrant tuberose leis. We only use the best flowers available – dendrobium orchids, carnations, plumerias, tuberose or superior combinations of these flowers. The type of flower used on any lei is subject to season and availability.

A lei greeting is a warm and wonderful way to begin a Hawaiian vacation and experience the aloha spirit. Reserve your lei greeting at the Maui Airport today and enjoy this special Hawaiian custom.

For more info visit or

Maui Airport Lei Greeting

Greeters Of Hawai’i – Offers standard orchid to Exotic lei greetings at all island airports.  Certain leis are available for Kahului Airport in Maui.  Prices range from $25-$50 and can include Keiki (children/candy) leis to the traditional men’s ti leaf (pronounced like ‘tea’)

From their website;

One of the joys of visiting Hawaii is taking part in the custom of wearing flower garlands or leis.

The custom of wearing leis was brought to Hawaii centuries ago by the Polynesians. But some archaeologists and historians believe leis predate the Polynesians, perhaps originating 17,000 years ago with primitive humans, who wore necklaces of bone and probably wore others made of flowers, fruits or foliage.

Because flowers were closely associated with their gods, the early Hawaiians believed leis of flowers or leaves were always appropriate gifts for supernatural beings — and for one another. The gift of a lei conveyed greetings, love, admiration, cheer and good wishes.


The tradition of presenting leis to visitors started in the steamer days, when people came to the Islands on ships. Disembarking visitors were greeted by a riot of colorful leis and lei vendors. New arrivals selected leis as their first symbol of Hawaii’s beauty and friendliness. It is said that many departing visitors would throw their lei into the sea as their ship passed Diamond Head in hopes of the lei floating back to the beaches of the Island. This would signify that he or she would surely return to the Islands someday.

As time went by, Greeters of Hawaii extended its reach well beyond the airport greetings, diversifying into flower farming, retailing at airports throughout the state and mail order gifts.


Men wear leis almost as frequently as women in Hawaii. Special occasions such as birthdays, graduations, marriages, holidays and feasts call for leis. But leis also are worn merely for the pleasure of their beauty and fragrance. It’s acceptable to buy a lei for yourself.

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Maui Airport Lei Greeting

Maui Airport Lei GreetingLeis Of Hawai’i – Has been in business since 1984 and their website looks to be from the same year, but all kidding aside they also offer all island airport lei greetings. Prices range from $25 on up

From their website;

It is our pleasure to introduce LEIS OF HAWAII, a specialized Airport Lei Greeting Service in business since 1984. We service all major Hawaiian Islands, Honolulu International, Maui Kahului, Kona Keahole and Kauai Lihue for arrivals or departures from areas such as airports, cruise ships, hotels, luau functions, and convention meetings.

Our courteous uniformed greeters will help create a perfect first impression to start your Hawaiian vacation.

After deplaning, clients should recognize their name sign. In the traditional way of saying Aloha, a lei, specially selected from one of our four service categories, will then be presented.

For more info visit

Maui Airport Lei Greeting –  The image of Hawaiian lei greeters welcoming visitors with outstretched arms, holding beautiful flower leis, has become an iconic symbol of the Islands. In fact, since the dawn of tourism in Hawaii, lei greeters have been an integral part of the Hawaiian experience. Hawaii greeters are responsible for giving malihini (visitors) their first taste of the aloha spirit as they arrive in the Islands.

From their website;

Experience true Hawaiian hospitality as you are greeted with a fresh flower lei and a warm “aloha!” An airport lei greeting sets the tone for your entire Hawaiian vacation. It’s a tradition you won’t want to miss!, a Hawaii Flower Lei company, has been Hawaii’s most trusted airport lei greeting company since 2001. You’ll feel like you have a friend in the islands as you are offered assistance to baggage claim or directions to your connecting inter-island flight. Arrange your traditional airport lei greeting for arrival on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, or Hawaii Island now!

Delivering Aloha!
We also deliver fresh leis, flowers, and gifts to your Hawaii hotel or residence. Have a special Hawaiian care package delivered for your arrival! We make it easy to pre-arrange lei delivery for your special event, night on the town, anniversary, or just for fun while you’re visiting the islands.

For more information visit

Hawaiian Airlines offers a Lei Greeting as one of their premium services, so if you are flying Hawaiian (and it’s our personal airline of choice, though we have no affiliation with them) check out their options.

More information here

Maui Airport Lei Greeting

TIP – NEVER throw your lei into the ocean. The string used to make your lei can strangle and injure aquatic life (think sea turtles, dolphins, fish etc) – BEST practices are to remove the flowers first and then toss the flowers into the ocean. Mahalo!

TIP – Groupon often has coupons or deals available for Maui Kahului Airport Lei Greetings (and many other activities) Price shop! Some of the lei greeting offers are more expensive than the standard lei greetings offered by the companies above. Check them out

TIP – These are but a few of the many companies that offer a lei greeting service. Search Google for more.

Maui Airport Lei Greeting

*We have no affiliation or experience with these companies. They are simply listed here for your reference.

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