Maui Film Festival 2018

Star Studded Maui Film Festival | June 13 – June 17, 2018

Get Ready For A Star Studded Maui Film Festival

Maui’s top star-studded summer event!  Come enjoy the Star Studded Maui Film Festival 2018 taking place this year on June 13 – June 17, 2018 in Wailea, Maui.  Three glorious celestial filled nights of cinematic wonder.

Maui Film Festival 2018

“The Maui Film Festival at Wailea is a ‘jewel-box’ festival — able to handle anything
without becoming unwieldy or impersonal. Flawlessly planned. The national press is
taking notice and reporting on its goings-on.  Watch for even greater things to come.”   

Maui Film Festival 2018
Toes in the sand cinema! Wailea Beach

One of a Kind, Under-the-Stars, Lit by the Moon and Powered by the Sun Open Air Venues.
Plus Amazing Nightly Festivities- Film PremieresA-List TributesHulaLive Music

Maui Film Festival 2018

“Since Year One, the Maui Film Festival’s Always used the word “Luminaries” to describe the Talented Artists who have been its Honorees. Why? Silver Screens  Love Them.  That’s for Sure. But On-Screen they become Alchemists Revealing the Human Condition with Empathy, Wisdom and Depth.  In Short, They Light Us Up!”
     —Festival Honoree Selection ‘Ohana

Passionately Created.  Intelligently Designed and Endlessly Inspiring, The Maui Film Festival Believes In the Power of Original Cinema.

Regardless of Genre or Screen Size, Original Cinema Shifts Paradigms, Seeds the Planet with New Ideas, Moves Culture and Rocks the World!

​For the Maui Film Festival, Original Cinema Is the Rocket Fuel that Propels Us to Reveal New Worlds and Fire Up Our Passions, Vision and Soul.

     —Maui Film Festival  Vision Statement  2018

Maui Film Festival 2018

Maui Film Festival 2018

Maui Film Festival 2018

Maui Film Festival 2018


More info here

Where: Wailea, Maui – Hawaii (Grand Wailea Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel, Wailea Gold Academy)

When: June 13 – June 17, 2018



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Maui Film Festival 2018 - Maui Vacation Rental
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