Best Money Saving Travel Tip

Best Money Saving Travel Tip

Best Money Saving Travel Tip

Are you dreaming of getting away?  Summer vacation is just around the corner and it’s time to start planning and booking your Maui Vacation!

Many don’t know this but most listing sites are now charging you huge BOOKING FEES or ‘Service Fees‘ when you book through their platform. AirBnB set the trend and it wasn’t long before VRBO (and the whole family of HomeAway websites), Trip Advisor and FlipKey followed suit. These corporations are happy to tack on an addition 12% to a whopping 20% just for the “convenience” of booking through their platform.

Imagine you’re paying the following;


Best Money Saving Travel Tip


With the big booking sites you could be paying a whopping $166 more or worse!


A colleague sent us this actual phone screenshot of a quote from TripAdvisor (not for our rental but another). Note the $500.00 TripAdvisor Fee plus a Booking Fee of $136.30.  The fees are more than the rental cost.  No, we’re not kidding!  Insane right?  

Best Money Saving Travel Tip


The question is WHY?Best Money Saving Travel Tip

Imagine what you could spend this $166 on during your vacation.  How about a Whale Watching adventure? Or what about a fancy dinner for two at Mama’s Fish House? Maybe you want to rent Kayaks or go Deep Sea Fishing?

The big corporations would have you believe that you’re ‘safer’ booking with their ‘guarantee’. But what if there’s a problem with your accommodations? Is someone in a call center halfway around the world going to help you out? Will they be able to give you inside travel tips about Maui? We think not. Wouldn’t you rather speak to the owner directly, someone who intimately knows the property you’re renting and can actually help solve issues?  Yea, us too!

  • You won’t pay booking fees
  • You have direct contact with owners
  • Guaranteed lowest price
  • Shared local knowledge – We KNOW MAUI!
  • Payments are SECURE!

That’s why we’re proud to be part of the vacation rental revolution and we ONLY book our guests direct. We manage our calendar, our housekeeping staff, and the condo ourselves. The condo you’re staying in is our home away from home too. We want only the best and don’t want our guests to pay extra! You’re GUARANTEED to pay the lowest price when you book direct.

Word is getting out among savvy travelers, no one wants to pay an online travel agency more money for the same vacation. BOOK DIRECT AND SAVE!

Best Money Saving Travel Tip


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Best Money Saving Travel Tip - Maui Vacation Rental
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