Sunsets, Romance and Relaxing!

Relax! You’re on vacation!

Can you picture yourself sitting on the beach with someone special? An umbrella drink in your hand and the sun is setting on the beautiful blue ocean?



cocktails on the beachSunset time in Maui is a ritual. Each evening we take our chairs and adult beverage of choice and walk down to the beach. We’re joined by other travelers and it would seem that we’re all in on the little secret. It’s sunset. Every sunset is different, every evening the sun drops into the Pacific Ocean and as we sit and relax, we are thankful for another day in paradise.



After a full day of frolicking in the ocean or hiking waterfalls we look to wind down at one of our favorite restaurants or chat with new friends at the barbecues while we cook our dinner.
It’s time to unwind and take in all that Maui has offered for the day.

There’s a thing called ‘Maui Time’, a slower pace of island life, leaving the energetic pulse of the Mainland behind. As we ease ourselves into Maui Time we feel the layers of stress from home start to slip away and we begin to truly enjoy how peaceful the island can be.

Breathe. Take in all that the island has to offer and relax, you’re on vacation!


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