It’s Whale Season On Maui – Close Encounters

It's Whale Season On Maui Close Encounters
It’s Whale Season On Maui – Close Encounters!

The Humpback Whales are back for their annual pilgrimage to the shallow waters off the coast of Maui! Maui is lucky enough to host these incredible mammals from approximately November to May but with peak whale season happening in February.

Look what happens when the tables are turned and the whales come to see YOU!  Close Encounter of the most Magnificent Kind!

What an incredible encounter! BUT let’s all remember to respect the marine life of Hawaii and keep in mind that Federal Laws protect many species in the Hawaiian Islands (more info on that below.)

Interested in having a close encounter with a Humpback whale? Here’s a list of tour companies that we like.

Captain Steve’s

We’ve taken numerous tours with Captain Steve’s and are always impressed. Small Zodiac style boats, limited number of guests, intimate feel, knowledgeable staff. Book your trip early due to popularity and limited availability.

It's Whale Season On Maui Close Encounters

Pride Of Maui Tours

Another great option is Pride of Maui. Not better, not worse, just different and each of us has our taste in how we enjoy activities. With POM you will lfind larger boats, more people, more amenities, more child oriented (slide, more room to walk around boat), longer trip. Equally fun as the smaller boats of Captain Steve’s.

It's Whale Season On Maui Close Encounters

Laws and Information about Whale Protection

Pursuit and feeding of marine mammals is prohibited by Federal law.

• Remain at least 100 yards from humpback whales, and at least 50 yards from other marine mammals (dolphins, other whale species, and Hawaiian monk seals). Do not swim with wild spinner dolphins.

• Observe turtles from a distance.

• Bring binoculars along on viewing excursions to assure a good view from the recommended viewing distances.

• Do not attempt to touch, ride, or feed turtles.

• Limit your time observing an animal to 1/2 hour.

• Marine mammals and sea turtles should not be encircled or trapped between boats or shore.
If approached by a marine mammal or turtle while on a boat, put the engine in neutral and allow the animal to pass. Boat movement should be from the rear of the animal.

By being aware of the steps to responsible marine mammal and sea turtle viewing, you can help reduce the potential to inadvertently harm these animals or violate Federal or state law. Together, we can ensure marine wildlife viewing will be as rewarding as it is today for many generations to come.

Notify proper authorities if you encounter sick or stranded animals. Keep your distance; distressed wild animals can be dangerous and should only be handled by trained professionals.

It's Whale Season On Maui Close Encounters

Laws and Marine Mammal Viewing
All whales, dolphins and seals are protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 (MMPA). Humpback whales, sperm whales, monk seals and sea turtles are further protected by the Endangered Species Act of 1973 (ESA) and under Hawaii State Law. The National Marine Sanctuaries Act (NMSA) provides additional protections for humpback whales and their habitat.

For more fantastic information about whales visiting Maui, visit Maui Whale Watching

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It's Whale Season On Maui Close Encounters

Maui Humpback Whalewatch With The Experts

Maui Humpback Whalewatch With The Experts
Maui Humpback Whalewatch With The Experts

Get ready to have a #whaleofatime at Maui Ocean Center and go on a Maui Humpback Whalewatch With The Experts!
Embark on a whale watching boat tour in the morning and visit the aquarium in the same day with the NEW Aquarium & Whale Watch Pass

Embark on a whale watch tour with up to $10 off admission to Maui Ocean Center.

Pacific Whale Foundation

Whalewatch with the experts on Maui’s top-rated ecotour and see these amazing creatures in their natural wild habitat. Watch mothers and calves interact, see males compete for females, hear underwater whale songs – every trip is unique.

IncludesMaui Humpback Whalewatch With The Experts
• Ma’alaea Whalewatch Tour
• Underwater hydrophones to hear whale songs
• Onboard Jr. Naturalist Program for kids
• Filtered water
• Full-color marine wildlife poster
• Whale sightings guaranteed or go again free

What To Bring
• Sunglasses, hat, light jacket recommended.
• Credit card or cash for optional souvenirs and gratuities.

Available Rentals
• Affordable rentals of cameras and binoculars
• Snacks and beverages for purchase, including soda and juice, plus Maui Brewing Co. beer, wine and tropical cocktails for adults 21+ with valid picture ID (limit: 3 alcoholic beverages per adult)

Check-in Time
45 minutes prior to departure.

Check-In Location
Pacific Whale Foundation Ocean Store at the Ma’alaea Harbor Shops, next to Maui Ocean Center. Parking is free.

Departs From
Ma’alaea Harbor
Maui Ocean Center

Admission to Maui Ocean Center, voted Hawaii’s #1 Aquarium. Discover one of the world’s largest displays of live Pacific Coral, sharks, stingrays, turtles, and marine life found nowhere else in the world!

Daily Presentations: Learn about Hawaiian marine life and culture
Exhibits: Over 60 exhibits including the 750,000-gallon Open Ocean with a walk-through tunnel and over 20 sharks! Dining & Shopping: Dine at Seascape Restaurant and shop at Maui Ocean Treasures

How to Book

The Whale Watch & Aquarium Package is valid for the Ma’alaea Whalewatch at 11:30am and 12:30pm only. Select your preferred date and time and select “Add 1 day admission pass to Maui Ocean Center” for each adult, senior, or child pass.

Maui Ocean Center – Book Now

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