25 Of The Best Rainy Day Activities On Maui

Best Rainy Day Activities On Maui
The Best Rainy Day Activities On Maui

You come to Maui for the ocean, beautiful scenery, fantastic restaurants, relaxing atmosphere, amazing activities and to have a relaxing vacation. You most likely don’t expect it to rain!  But sometimes it does!  During this 2018 winter season, Maui has seen an unusual amount of rain. That much rain can put a hitch in your ‘sunny beach time‘ giddyup!  Not to worry, we’ve put together the most extensive Best Rainy Day Activities on Maui guide to help you find something wonderful to do while it’s raining!

We chose to buy our condo on the ‘dry’ side of Maui. Kihei is considered the desert area and though we do get rain, it’s generally short-lived. Even still, this year we saw some torrential downpours and I actually bought an umbrella on Maui for the first time.

It’s hard to rely on the weather forecast because the weather can change in a matter of minutes. You just have to adopt a ‘live in the moment‘ attitude and Ho’o Nanea or go with the flow.

Parts of Maui get rain every day, or nearly every day. The Hana side is the wettest side of the island and rain is expected over there. Maui is made up of hundreds of micro-climates and if it’s raining in one area, generally speaking one can find sunshine on another part of the island.

Let’s take a look at all the activities and adventures you can take in when it rains on Maui.  These are, of course, listed in no particular order.

1. Head to a sunnier part of the island.  Well seasoned Maui travelers know that if it’s raining in Lahaina, come to Kihei – it’s probably sunny. If your plan was to lay on the beach and soak up some rays or snorkel and play in the ocean and Mother nature has other ideas, then have a look at some of Maui’s web cams to see if there’s a dryer spot you can lay your towel down and have a swim. (TIP– when you’re homesick for Maui, you can visit the webcams while you plan your next trip!)

2. Take in a Free Hula/Polynesian Show. There are several places that offer free live Island style entertainment, not just hula but other types of free things to do such as Ukulele lessons, crafts etc. Check out these places for free activities Shops At WaileaLahaina Cannery MallQueen Ka’ahumanu Shopping Center (Kahului).

Photo by www.hawaii.com

3. Shop Till You Drop.  There’s no shortage of shopping to be found on Maui and since we just mentioned three of the largest shopping malls on Maui, you might as well do a little shopping while you’re there. Look specifically for Maui Made products so that you’re supporting the local economy and artists. A few other places to take in some shopping is the open-air Kalama Shopping Market (Kihei), Kahana Gateway Shopping Center  (Lahaina) and Maui Mall (Kahului).

4. Island Art Party in Kihei.  Talk about a custom island souvenir! Get in touch with your inner artist. (From their website) Put on apron…Order a drink…have a seat…it’s time to paint and party! No experience necessary. Just follow along as a Partista ( Party Artist) provides step-by-step instructions in creating the featured painting. More info here.

5. Take in a movie.  Maui has 3 movie theaters (one in Lahaina and two in Kahului) and one slated to open soon in Kihei.  If you’re like me, you never seem to find time to make it to the movies at home. If it’s raining, go take in a movie and most likely by the time the show is over the rain will have stopped.

6. Visit Maui Ocean Center. Come face-to-face with sharks, stingrays, turtles, and thousands of vibrant tropical fish at Maui Ocean Center – The Aquarium of Hawaii!  Read our post on visiting the Maui Ocean Center.

7. Check out a live show.  Live entertainment can be a great way to ride out the rain storm.  One of my all time favorites is Ulalena (update 7/23 – Ulalena is no longer performing), Ulalena is a world-renowned Hawaiian theater production dedicated to telling the story of Hawaii’s people. Burn’n Love the best Elvis show this side of Las Vegas [Edited to say that Burn’n Love has closed it’s doors and is no longer, much to the sadness of the fans that truly loved the show – I’m leaving the video up for all to see how fun it was]! The Historic Iao Theater in Wailuku offers live plays and entertainment. If you dig magic, then go see Warren and Annabelle’s Magic Show.


8. Get the royal treatment at a Spa. Who doesn’t love a massage?  Go ahead and pamper yourself, you’re on vacation. (TIP– Check groupon.com for a coupon)

9. Try one of Maui’s Escape Rooms. What is an escape room you ask? An escape room is an interactive adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints and strategy to complete the objectives at hand. Great activities for families, friends, birthday parties, celebrations and even businesses because they rely on team building exercises. At the time of this posting, there are presently 5 different escape rooms to try on Maui.

10. GlowPutt Golf. The original Glow in the Dark Miniature Golf Course.  A staple in the Hawaii entertainment landscape for more than 10 years. Check it out.

Best Rainy Day Activities On Maui

Maui is made up of hundreds of micro-climates and if it’s raining in one area, generally speaking one can find sunshine on another part of the island.

11. Wine Tasting and Winery Tour.  Head upcountry (drive safely) to Maui Wine and enjoy sipping some island made pineapple wine or try one of their sparkling wines!  We love Maui Winery and have posted about them before.  More info here.

12. Watch channel 7 – The Maui Visitor channel on TV.  If you’re the type that never can sit still, embrace the vacation mentality and why not just lay back and watch a little TV. The Maui Visitor Channel always has fantastic,  informative shows. Pour yourself your favorite beverage and kick back! It’s ok to be doing nothing, you’re on vacation!

13. Stay in, Play Games, Enjoy Family Time!  In our crazy-busy lives we don’t often stop to just enjoy family time. There are plenty of games in the TV cabinet so why not pull a few out and have some family play time.  You won’t regret it!

14. Read.  Along that note of staying in and just relaxing, why not pick up a book from our lending library (there’s one available at the lower pool), or from our condo selection of books (take one, leave one) and kick back and relax.  We have several guide books for you to read and you can spend the time planning your next Maui adventure.

15. Try your hand at Glassblowing!  Moana Glass in Lahaina. Wow, here’s a cool activity rain or shine. Check out the finest glass art and glassblowing experiences where you can blow your own glass pieces – now there’s a souvenir!  (TIP– Check groupon.com for a coupon, at the time of this posting there was a $50 off coupon)

UPDATE from Moana Glass Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/MoanaGlassByRyanStaub/

Moana Glass is temporarily closed for cleaning and repairs of the damage caused by the devastating August 8th Maui Wildfires. We are uncertain how long this will take as the contractors are busy with the overwhelming number of businesses that also require repairs and dealing with the insurance companies has been slow and difficult at best. We continue to move forward as best we can. We appreciate the overwhelming outpouring of love and support we have received from the public.
Our online sales are currently halted as all items on our website were stored at our Front Street Gallery which was completely destroyed in the fire. We are unable to take online orders at this time, until we are able to make replacements.
Please continue to check our social medias for updates and please consider donating to our GoFundMe linked in our bio to help us rebuild!

16. Makai Glass. Speaking of glass blowing, if you’re upcountry doing one of the other rainy day activities, why not also try Makai Glass studio. They have a cool observation deck where you can watch the action take place below. https://www.makaiglass.com/

17. Go Museum Hopping.  Maui has lovely museums and a rainy day is the perfect time to go explore them.

UPDATE – Many Lahaina spots were destroyed in the 2023 Fires. Please research to find out if/when they will reopen.

Makawao History Museum

Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum

Old Lahaina Prison

(Old Lahina Prison was destroyed in the 2023 Fires)

Bailey House Museum

Baldwin Home Museum

Wo Hing Temple Museum –  858 Front St, Lahaina, HI 96761 (destroyed in the 2023 Fires)

Hale Pa’i Printing Museum

Hāna Cultural Center

Another lesser known museum is the  ‘Story of Hawaii‘ Museum located at the Queen Ka’ahumanu shopping center in Kahului. More info on the museum here.

18. Visit Maui’s historic towns. Head upcountry and do some exploring around Maui’s quaint and historic towns. Visit Paia, Makawao, Kula.  Bring your umbrella and don’t worry if you get a little wet. You’re in Maui – and if you’re lucky enough to be in Maui, you’re lucky enough!  These sweet towns offer wonderful opportunities for strolling, shopping, and dining.

It’s raining and the kids are driving you nuts! Get out there and find an adventure. There’s no shortage of things to do on Maui even when it rains!

19. Visit Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center.  If you’re upcountry doing #18 on our list, then you’re just around the corner from the Hui No’eau VAC. Check out their art exhibitions, do a guided tour or pick up a handmade one of a kind piece in their artist’s shop.  Stop in for a visit. More info here.

Best Rainy Day Activities On Maui

20. Explore Front Street Lahaina UPDATE: Lahaina is closed.Take your umbrella and head over to Lahaina to walk up and down Front Street.  Lahaina boasts many art galleries, restaurants, shops, museums and of course the Banyan Tree. You’ll find plenty to do even if you do get wet in the process. You won’t be sorry – Maui rains are like a warm shower.

21. Visit Dan’s Greenhouse.  If you’re in Lahaina, hey, why not hit up Dan’s Greenhouse for a live souvenir! Dan’s is located across from the south-east corner of Lahaina’s famous Banyan Tree and sells exotic plants. But the fun comes in the form of parrots and pigs! Dan’s specializes in exotic flora and fauna! More info here. (CLOSED due to Lahaina Fires 2023)

22. Take a submarine ride adventure. Lahaina is home to Atlantis submarine – if the weather isn’t too bad and just drizzly, then this might be a good option. Not so good if it’s storming. (UPDATE: Temporarily CLOSED due to the 2023 Lahaina Fires)

Atlantis Submarine Ride Maui

23. Try out a new cafe or restaurant.  Maui has no shortage of great cafes and restaurants and a rainy afternoon is a perfect time to venture out and eat. Here’s your chance to go visit a restaurant, either nearby or across the island that you’ve never tried before.

24. Go visit the penguins at the Hyatt Regency.  The Hyatt in Lahaina is host to half a dozen African black-footed penguins and they’re quite a site. Daily penguin feedings happen every morning at 9:30 am in the Penguin Habitat in the Atrium Lobby More info here.

25. Chase a Rainbow!  The saying goes ‘No rain, no rainbows’ so why not make the best of the rain and find a rainbow. Maui is know for it’s stellar rainbows and the pot of gold at the end IS the island of Maui!  Go out and chase!

Maui rainbow with Palm Tree
Bonus Activities & Updates

We’re bringing you updates to the list as we find more fun stuff to do while you visit Maui – And.It.Rains!

Bonus #1 – Let the kids (big kids too) bounce off some of that energy at Ultimate Air Trampoline Park. An indoor trampoline bounce-o-rama! More info here.

Do you have a favorite rainy day activity for Maui? Leave us a message in the comments section below and let us know!

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Visit Maui’s Only Organic Dragon Fruit Farm

Organic Dragon Fruit Farm
Visit Maui’s Only Organic Dragon Fruit Farm

Here’s a unique thing to do while visiting Maui. Visit Maui’s only organic Dragon Fruit Farm.

Organic Dragon Fruit Farm

Located just up the road from Lahaina town, you’ll find the only farm that grows organic dragon fruit. What’s a dragon fruit you ask? Well according to Maui Dragon Fruit;

“Native to South and Central America, where it is called Pitahaya, dragon fruit is cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical regions around the world. Currently most dragon fruit are commercially grown in Vietnam, Thailand, and south China. However, production is rapidly increasing with dragon fruit being grown in the Philippines, Micronesia, Israel, Australia and also in Hawaii which has an ideal climate for dragon fruit production.”


Dragon fruit


“Dragon fruit is beautiful, delicious and nutritious. Its juicy pulp is refreshing and ranges from subtly sweet to tart. It is rich in fiber, antioxidants and vitamins. The health benefits of eating dragon fruit are many and varied. It is believed to prevent colon cancer and diabetes, neutralize toxic substances such as heavy metals, reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure. It is also reported to control high blood sugar levels, prevent bleeding and promote dental health. It is high in vitamin C, phosphorus and calcium, and so helps to develop strong bones, teeth and skin. It is a true “health fruit”.”

Organic Dragon Fruit Farm

Maui Dragon Fruit farm tours run daily from 10a.m. to 3 p.m. daily with extend hours on Friday and Saturday (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

Guided Farm Tours
“Our family friendly guided walking farm tour takes about one hour. You begin with a fruit tasting in the bamboo gazebo where you will taste exotic fresh picked fruit as seasonally available. Our main dragon fruit season is July to November. Our main pineapple season is June to July. Dragon fruit, pineapple, banana, papaya, sugar cane, passion fruit and more all grow at the Maui Dragon Fruit Farm.

After the tasting, our knowledgeable guides will take you on a stroll. You will get a closer look at the plants producing this excellent fruit. See first hand how dragon fruit, pineapple, sugar cane and papaya are grown here in Hawaii and learn about the organic practices that help the fruit taste so delicious! Discover some of the plants the Hawaiian people brought with them when they first came to these islands. All this while enjoying breath-taking views of the Pacific Ocean and the West Maui Mountains.”

Prices: $15.00 per person

Tour Includes:

  • Fruit tasting
  • Dragon fruit season is July to November
  • Guided farm tour
  • Bottled water provided

What to bring:

  • Close toed shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera

In addition to the farm tour – which is unique in and of itself, Maui Dragon Fruit also offers several adventure tours including the giant Aqua Ball which is way kooky and a Zipline.

For more info visit their website http://www.mauidragonfruit.com/



* Header fruit photo by Carlos Blanco


Looking for more Maui vacation ideas? Lots of things to see and do,

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Go Fly A Kite At The Kite Festival Lahaina

The Kite Festival Lahaina
The Kite Festival Lahaina

UPDATE:  Lahaina is closed

Celebrate the wide world of kites and national kite month in Lahaina during this annual family fun event! On Friday evening at Wo Hing Museum and Cookhouse on Front Street, check out displays of ancient and modern kites from around the world; kites are available for purchase. Enjoy presentations on Ancient Chinese Kites and Sport Kites, then join a community kite making project.

There are hands-on craft activities for kids, like kite making, and Chinese food available for sale. Go fly a kite on Saturday at the Lahaina Recreation Center field on Honoapi‘ilani Hwy. Kids can design and make a kite and teens can make free-form kite structures. At 11 am, the community’s Chinese serpent kite will take to the air in a kite flying demo. The sky becomes a canvas with colorful kites in all shapes. Bring your own kite to fly and get tips from the pros until 2 pm. Free admission to all events.

The Kite Festival Lahaina

To find out more, call the Lahaina Restoration Foundation office at 808-661-3262, Wo Hing Museum at 808-661-5553, or contact us here. For updates, visit Facebook @LahainaRestoration and Twitter @LahainaRestFnd.


Friday, April 6 & Saturday, April 7
5 pm to 9 pm & 9 am to 2 pm
Kite Festival & Kite Flying Day


Wo Hing Temple Museum

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Cover Photo via Flickr

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