Horseback Riding In Maui With Makena Stables

Horseback Riding In Maui
Horseback Riding In Maui

Horseback Riding In Maui

I read over and over again in travel forums that going horseback riding in Maui is the highlight of the traveler’s trip. We owned horses for 25 years and I can see why riding one of these magnificent animals in one of the most magnificent places on earth would garner comments like that.

Horseback Riding In Maui

Definitely a must-do activity in Maui!

A few weeks ago we went on a long hike through the La Perouse Bay area – specifically taking the Hoapili Trail. Along the way I saw horse droppings and knew, if I were to go out on one of the many available horseback adventures on Maui, this would make a fantastic trail ride!

Makena Stables is located at the end of the road where we park to hike the Hoapili Trail, so naturally they have a very unique area of Maui to explore on horseback.

Horseback Riding In Maui

If you’ve never been to La Perouse Bay, and you’re visiting Maui, you must put this on your Maui Bucket List. It’s rugged, it’s other-worldly, the views are spectacular, there are Native Hawai’ian ruins (respect the cultural heritage sites on Maui please) and when conditions are right, snorkeling.

Horseback Riding In Maui

Makena Stables offer both a Morning Tour and a Sunset Tour. 

Morning Tours offer a 1-1/2 Hour ride which checks in 8:45 am, Ride begins at 9:30 finishing at 11:00 am.  A moderate ride suitable for most levels of riders. 1 1/2 hours of riding time with a refreshment break including light snacks and bottled water back at the stables.  Riders are matched by size and ability to an appropriate horse. Lessons are provided for individual riders as needed. 

The ride travels along rocky shoreline trails, and then climbs through ranch lands for awesome views of Ahihi Kinau, La Perouse Bay and the islands of Hawai’i, Kaho’olawe, Molokini.

The expansive views will make you feel you’re the only person on Maui. Breathtaking! With the variety of terrain and trails, this ride is fun for every rider

Sunset Tours offer 1-1/2 Hour Sunset Ride.  The Original & best Sunset Ride on Maui.  This is simply a lovely time of day to ride, with cooler trade wind breezes and golden late afternoon sunlight sparkling on the sea. The panoramic sunsets can be just breathtaking. The wild beauty of rocky shorelines, untouched ranch lands and lava fields formed by the last eruption on Maui will make you feel as though you’re the only person on Maui.

A truly spectacular ride with panoramic views of the south slope of Haleakala, La Perouse Bay and the islands of Hawai’i, Kaho’olawe, Molokini, Lanai and Molokai.  Times vary seasonally.

In addition to the two tours above, guests can book private tours.  Makena Stables is locally owned and operated since 1983. Guided groups average 4 persons but sometimes have larger parties. Western style riding. Children 13 yrs and older.



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