Where To Stay On Maui – Why Our Guests Chose Kihei Hale O Maluhia Vacation Rental

Where To Stay On Maui
Where To Stay On Maui

There are literally thousands of vacation rentals in Maui. Choosing which one when you’re looking online can be daunting.  Do you stay at this location or that one? Do you pick a ground floor garden condo or an upper floor view condo? Are you getting the best value for your dollar? If you’ve never been to Maui or if this is your 20th trip, deciding on just the right vacation rental can present a challenge.

What criteria are you looking for? In a recent Facebook poll on a Maui Vacation Rental group, members chose ‘Final Price’ as the ‘biggest role’ in booking their rental with ‘location’ coming in second.

If final price is a deciding factor then we’ve got you covered. Not only are we one of the best values on Maui price-wise but we offer far greater amenities than many of vacation rentals out there. We packed our condo with every thing we could think of so that you can pack light, know that if you need a certain kitchen utensil – it’s been thought (do we stock frozen beer mugs? You bet we do!) of or if you are wondering what beach gear you’ll find, we stocked the best – including a wagon to haul it all to the beach with ease!

From the beginning we’ve aimed to keep our prices as low as we can while remaining competitive in a large market, present the most well stocked and nicely decorated home and provide the very best value for our guests. We think we’re doing a pretty good job and our guests have blessed us with stellar reviews in return.

Have a peek at what one of our guests had to say. 

We’re very proud of our 5-Star reviews and believe that you can count on quality and value when you book with us. Have a look at our guest reviews and see why our guest chose us over all the others.

Read the full review;

Beautiful relaxing place!

We really enjoyed our stay at your beautiful condo. The colour scheme is relaxing and comfortable. We loved that we could come and go from the lanai and relax out there after returning from the beach. The kitchen had everything you could possibly need and the beach gear was very handy. We especially enjoyed the boogie boards. Jeff and Laurie were very helpful and made the booking process easy. Thanks for making our break from reality a reality.


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Where To Stay On Maui - Why Our Guests Chose Kihei Hale O Maluhia Vacation Rental - www.AlohaCondoRental.com


Our Guests Are The Very Best | Book With Kihei Hale O Maluhia

Our Guests Are Best
Our Guests Are The Very Best | Book With Kihei Hale O Maluhia

We value our guests! It’s always a pleasure to host the wonderful guests that travel to Maui and stay in our vacation rental home.

We go the extra mile and are very appreciative when our guests recognize that. We know that there are many options when booking a vacation in Maui.

We strive to present our condo exactly as it is, but it’s the little details that don’t come across in the photos that matter to our guests.  Things like a very detailed House Guide to stocking our first aid kit that makes Kihei Hale O Maluhia vacation condo rental shine above the rest. We make sure that we provide more than just the ‘bare necessities’ – we go that extra mile and our guests love it. Make sure when searching for a place to rent and price shopping that you are comparing apples to apples.

Our Guests Are Best

Some items we include in our condo that other condos might not have;

Kitchen –  a nice French Press coffee pot (as foodies we appreciate a good cup of Maui grown coffee in the morning while listening to the birds start their day), a nice tea set for tea lovers, a Cuisinart mini food processor – way better than hand chopping macadamia nuts, and a Magic Bullet – you’re on Maui – there is a ton of fresh fruit available and you want a smoothie! Got you covered! Matching dishes!  We’ve stayed at many condos in all the years we’ve been visiting Maui and many don’t even have something as simple as matching dishes, they had what seem to be thrift-store cast offs. We take pride in our kitchen kit and you’ll find a full set of matching Fiesta ware dishes and coffee cups!

Bath – we stock a full First Aid Kit – bumps and scrapes happen, hand embroidered Makeup wash clothes, plush all cotton bath rugs feel great after a shower!

Activities – Most vacation rentals provide chairs and umbrellas but the quality varies and the cheaper made beach chairs rust out and the seats get well used.  We maintain our beach gear and replace any gear that is ‘well loved’ and ready for retirement. We supply Tommy Bahama backpack style folding beach chairs that have built-in cup and cell phone holders, a cooler in the back for snacks and drinks and can be work like a backpack to keep your hands free.


I can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen umbrellas launch on windy days, they go tumbling down the beach with their owners in hot pursuit.  Why? They’re inferior with no sand anchor. We like the Tommy Bahama deluxe umbrella as they have an auger type screw anchor and the bag it comes in doubles as a wind anchor, simply by filling the bag with sand (and we’ve attached a shovel) and tying it to the prevailing wind side of the umbrella. Viola! Your umbrella stays put.

It’s little details like this that keep our guests happy and wanting to return. And we love that they love them.

beach gear

Come stay with us and see why our guests say that vacationing at Kihei Hale O Maluhia is “A Five Star Experience!”


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