Best Sushi Restaurant On Maui

Best Sushi Maui 1054Togoshi

Our pick for the best sushi restaurant on Maui, 1054Togoshi

We’re sushi fanatics. We’ve eaten sushi all over the world. We’re pretty darn picky when it comes to our sushi. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about our most recent discovery – Maui’s BEST sushi restaurant.

I’m hesitant to even let the (yoga) cat out of the bag (you’ll understand the ‘yoga‘ bit in just a moment.) I fear that once I click the publish button on this post that the -hard to get reservations- for this place will become even harder to get. But in the interest of spreading Aloha, I’m going to let you all in on our sushi secret.

No Sushi – No Life. Keep Calm & Eat Sushi!

I can’t remember how we found this place – probably Yelp or Google Maps, but it’s not in a place you’d expect to find (in our opinion) the very best sushi restaurant on Maui. The restaurant is located in a smaller strip mall off the main thoroughfare of South Kihei Road, on East Lipoa Street. None of this matters because this hidden gem will delight and you’ll believe you’ve been transported to a top Tokyo sushi restaurant decorated with a Jimmy Buffett-esque style beachy theme.

The owners clearly love the beach vibe the decor conveys and I must admit, that while it’s very busy, it does make this eatery feel less like a Japanese restaurant and more like a beach cabana! It’s fun, quirky, eclectic and very artistic, and I love it!

1054Togoshi is only open evenings and reservations are required. Seating is limited to about 9 at the sushi bar and there are only two tables (that I can tell) – one that seats four and the other up to 8. There are just the two owners, the sushi chef and his wife who is hostess, server and waitress.

This duo do a fantastic job! Warm Aloha is what you feel when you’re greeted at the door. Upon being seated you’re served water and given a hot, moist wash cloth to wash your hands with. That one feature places this restaurant high up on my authenticity scale. I absolutely love when Japanese restaurants provide this simple yet important and thoughtful touch.

The menu is perfectly adequate in it’s offerings but don’t expect to find off the wall rolls dripping in aioli sauces with crazy names like Mucho-Macho Roll or Batman Roll. Nope, here you’ll find a few of the ubiquitous rolls such as ‘Rainbow‘ and ‘Spicy Tuna‘ but the real gems on the menu are the Sashimi, Nigiri, the items on the Pupu list and appetizers.

Place your food order directly with the chef and be patient. This truly authentic sushi arrives only as quickly as the chef can prepare it and depending on the time of evening – how busy the restaurant is. Trust me, every bite will be worth any wait you might incur.


Speaking of the menu, the rest of the menu offers Sake (listed considerately in order of dryness), Japanese beer, Wine, *Shōchū, Japanese Whisky, softdrinks and of course prepared ‘just right’ macha green tea.

*Shōchū is a Japanese distilled beverage less than 45% alcohol by volume. It is typically distilled from rice (kome), barley (mugi), sweet potatoes (satsuma-imo), buckwheat (soba), or brown sugar (kokutō), though it is sometimes produced from other ingredients such as chestnut, sesame seeds, potatoes or even carrots.Typically shōchū contains 25% alcohol by volume,[1] which is weaker than whisky or standard-strength vodka but stronger than wine and sake.

We tried the Takeno Tsuyu sake first – it’s delicious, unfiltered and very much on the sweeter side. Our second sake was the Tamano Hikari, much dryer and clear, crisp and smooth. I recommend both BUT not in the order that we tried them.

What we ordered!

Before this becomes the longest restaurant review in history, lets get down to business shall we. What we ordered!

We started off with the Yellowtail Carpacio with garlic, jalepeño, local greens, Yuzu soy and olive oil.

Next was traditional nigiri. But it was anything but run of the mill. The fish was as tender and flavorful as I’ve ever had and the sushi rice, perfectly formed was quite literally the best I’ve ever had. It was slightly warm, seasoned to perfection and just the right texture. Magnificent. I could have just eaten an entire bowl of just sushi rice! I also must say, that it is better than any I had in Japan.

My companion opted for the Rainbow Roll and for a standard roll, it did not disappoint.

I went back for more nigiri. Oh my!! Big pluses for me are the ginger, which doesn’t contain food dyes and the GENUINE wasabi the chef uses. More points in my book! All in all I tried the Hamachi, Kanpachi, Yellowtail and one other on the special menu that I don’t recall the name. Be sure to try something from the ‘Special’ menu!!

This is the 12 piece Sushi “A’ combination. Which my other companion had and said was amazing. It was so amazing that we didn’t get a photo of it before it disappeared. Photo by Wayde T. via Yelp.

And finally I opted for a spicy Hamachi roll. Decadent!

The Nuts & Bolts

We found the prices on par with the other sushi restaurants on the island (except for Morimoto Maui which is very expensive, though delightful but we left very hungry!). The portions were slightly on the smaller side but you are getting extremely high quality fish and the price reflects that.

The service is on par with what you’d expect for just two people working and doing it all. Some reviews online complain about this but I’m a ‘go with the flow’ type and it never bothered me as I didn’t find the service to be slow. In fact, the service we got was great, super friendly, we didn’t wait too long, and were generally very satisfied. This restaurant is clearly a labor of love for the owners and if you’re patient and adopt a ‘Maui Time’ mentality (I recommend that for ALL things on the island) you will greatly enjoy yourselves.

Reservations are a must! Fortunately we got in on the same day for our first visit (and yes, there was a second visit in the same week, it was that good)

Note that LAST CALL (for both food and beverages) is at 8:30 and they mean it. Though they did bend it a bit for a 2nd glass of Sake for us.

Overall, both of my dining experiences were great. The food was great and the prices what I’d expect for the quality.

Bottom line, WE LOVED IT!

So what’s the deal with the Yoga Cat?

My seat featured a very nice book entitled ‘Yoga With Cats’ which is hilarious, and propping it up is the cat, in (I believe) the forward fold position! Such a hoot!


Mon Closed
Tue 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm (closed 4th Tuesday of each month)
Wed 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Thu 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Fri 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Sat 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Sun 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Contact: (808) 868-0307 (Call well in advance to make reservations, but DO make reservations. Walk-ins might not be seated)

Location: 95 E​.​ Lipoa St​,​​ ​S​ui​te A-104​, ​Kihei, HI 96753

Rating: ★★★★★

Prices: $$

More info here

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Best Sushi Restaurant On Maui - 1054Togoshi Vacation Rental By Owner in Beautiful Maui #BookDirect

Fresh Baked Deliciousness From Maui Bread Company | Fabulous Bakery In Kihei

Maui Bread Company
Fresh baked deliciousness from Maui Bread Company, a fabulous bakery in Kihei

While walking down the South Kihei promenade you might find yourself following your nose to the delicious aroma of fresh baked bread and pastries. And if you were to follow your nose you’d find yourself across from Kamaole I beach in the Dolphin Plaza where you’d find Maui Bread Company, Kihei’s own bakery churning out delicious baked goods.

Image by James M. via yelp

Get ready to carb load because Kihei’s newest bakery is dishing up a scrumptious ‘homemade’ cornucopia of baked goods including breads with flavors like Passion-Orange-Guava (Pog), Pineapple, Banana and ‘Hawaiian’ (coconut, macadamia nut, pineapple carrot).

But the menu doesn’t stop there. Be on the look out for Peanut Butter & Bacon cookies, Piña Colada sweet buns, chocolate croissants, Ube mochi (purple yam), savory rolls and more.

Cookies the size of your head! – Doreen B. via Yelp

Maui Bread is one of the few places to pick up some local style Manapua (you can rad more about Manapua in our Ultimate Guide To Hawai’ian Islands Local Foods) and Butter Mochi!

Image by James M. via Yelp

Maui Bread Co. arguably has the best selection of Gluten Free baked goods on Maui. And not just hockey puck style gluten free baked goods. Delicious, ‘come back for more’ type of GF goods! Gluten Free is a hard sell, but their items just can’t be beat.

Stop in and follow your nose to delectable baked good and give their coconut coffee a try too!

Visited three times in a week!
This place was amazing. The breads were fantastic. My picky husband loved the cookies. We tried all kinds of things, and everything we ate was amazing. – TripAdvisor Review

Image by Hamby A via Yelp

Where: 2395 S Kihei Rd, Ste 117, Dolphin Plaza, Kihei, HI 96753

Hours: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., 7 Days/week

Contact: 808.757.8740


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Maui Bread Company - Vacation Rental By Owner in Beautiful Maui

5 Places To Grab A Great Breakfast In Kihei Maui

Breakfast In Kihei Maui
5 Places To Grab A Great Breakfast In Kihei Maui

Good Morning Maui!!  You’re here finally and are up with the birds. Time for a yummy breakfast but not sure where to go for the best island breakfast?  We’ve got you covered in our breakfast guide with 5 places to grab a great breakfast in Kihei.

Does the sound of banana macadamia nut pancakes make your tummy grumble? How about a bowl of fresh fruit salad, island style? 

image by Kihei Caffe – Instagram


Let’s start with a quick and light breakfast version for those on the go or in search of a healthy start to their day –

Quick, Healthy & Light

Brekkie Bowls

Images via Brekkie Bowls Instagram

Located in a non-descript light industrial park near two fitness centers, Brekkie Bowls food truck serves up  healthy Açaí or Pitaya (dragon fruit) bowls to locals and visitors ‘in the know’.  Here’s the inside dish, pick your base (Açaí or Pittaya), pick two fruit toppings, add some toppings like almond butter, chia seeds, hemp seeds or gogi berries and head to the beach to watch the day get started.  Don’t forget your kombucha, coffee or fresh smoothie!!  Brekkie Bowls are all organic, no added sugar and ono delicious.

What is Açaí you ask?  Açaí berries come from the Acai palm.  They’re small grape sized berries that pack a nutritional punch of antioxidants, beneficial fiber and heart-healthy fats. How about Pitaya? Pitaya, also known as dragon fruit is the fist sized fruit of the Cereus pitahaya plant that also boasts powerful nutritional benefits. Check our our post on visiting Maui’s only Dragon Fruit Farm!

Brekkie Bowls


Location: 300 Ohukai Rd B2 -202, Kihei, HI 96753 (In front of Makena Crossfit)

Hours: 7:30 am to 1 pm

Follow: Brekkie Bowls on Instagram


Hearty or Healthy

Nalu’s South Shore Grill

Images by Nalu’s South Shore Grill via Instagram

Next up on our breakfast tour of Kihei is Nalu’s South Shore Grill.  Nalu’s is known for their fantastic night entertainment and dinners but they serve up a mean breakfast too! They serve up Loco Moco all day so those who want to really fuel up are all set! Not sure what Loco Moco is all about, check out our Ultimate Food Guide To Hawaiian Local Foods and read all about it.

Nalu’s also serves up Açaí and Pitaya bowls but you might want skip the bowls and give their signature pancakes served with a homemade rum syrup, Maui Gold pineapple, bananas, and mac nuts a try. Yum! Maybe add a side of Malasadas? eh?

It’s very casual here, order at the counter and seating is open.

Nalu’s South Shore Grill


Hours: 8:00 am – 9:30 pm

Location: 1280 S Kihei Rd Ste 132, Kihei, HI 96753

Follow: Nalu’s On Instagram

Something For Everyone

Kihei Caffe 

Images by Kihei Caffe via Instagram

Next up is by far one of Kihei’s most popular breakfast spots and the line out the door is testimony to just how popular this beach cafe is.  Situated right on South Kihei Road, for years, Kihei Caffe has been dishing up delicious breakfasts to locals and visitors alike. If eating hearty breakfast while sitting outside and watching the world go by sounds good to you then this is the spot. Breakfast is served all day, no problem if you sleep in!

Remember those banana macadamia nut pancakes I mentioned earlier (you can get mac-nut French toast too)? Yep, you can get them here along with all of your traditional breakfast favorites and a few new local style dishes.

Tip – Get there early to avoid the line and to grab one of the outdoor seats. Also go early if Pecan Sticky Buns is your thing, they sell out early. Or grab your food to go and head to the beach across the street.

Kihei Caffe


Hours: 5:00 am – 3:00 pm

Location: 1945 S Kihei Rd, Kihei, HI 96753

Follow:  Kihei Caffe on Instagram


Hearty and Local

808 Grindz Cafe

photos by Annie-N, Tea-A and Robert E. via Yelp

This hidden gem is tucked back in the Safeway shopping mall. Famous for their Mac-Nilla sauce for their pancakes and waffles but they have just about everything under the breakfast sun as well. Casual atmosphere, order at the counter and all food is ‘to-go’ – you can take it to the beach, back to the condo or sit at their outside tables.  Since the weather in Maui is lovely most any time of the year, you can’t go wrong no matter where you choose to sit and eat.

You’ll find a lot of local-style influence in their menu (like Loco Moco, fried rice or Kalua pork hash).  How about trying the Kawabanga Breakfast with ubiquitous Spam on the side! Hows that for local-style!!

Where does 808 and Grindz come from?  808 is the local area code, and grindz is the local Pidgin term for food, good food.

808 Grindz Cafe


Location: 225 Piikea Ave, Kihei, HI 96753

Hours: 7:00 am – 2:00 pm (breakfast and lunch all day)


Fancy Schmancy

Ka’ana Kitchen at the Andaz Hotel

Images by Andaz Maui via Instagram

Our number 5 pick goes all out. If you really want to treat yourself to an elegant breakfast at one of Maui’s premier fancy schmancy hotels then Ka’ana Kitchen is the place. The breakfast buffet will set you back roughly $50 per person (excluding gratuity) and for the buffet, it’s best if you arrive earlier rather than later, they seem to slow down stocking the breakfast bar around 10am. Breakfast can also be ordered off the menu, of course, and items such as Cinnamon Roll Pancakes with coconut creme, macadamia nuts and pineapple compote or Poached Eggs and Sweet Potato cake intrigue the palate.

Free Valet Parking can be validated at the restaurant.

Ka’ana Kitchen


Location: 3550 Wailea Alanui Dr, Wailea, HI 96753 

Hours: 6:30 am – 11:00 am

Follow: Andaz Maui on Instagram


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5 Places To Grab A Great Breakfast In Kihei Maui- Vacation Rental By Owner in Beautiful Maui





5 Tropical Cocktails You Must Try When Visiting Maui Hawaii

Tropical Cocktails Maui

Do images of little drink umbrellas, orchid flower garnishes and skewers of pineapple in a tropical cocktail pop into your head when you dream of Maui?  The quintessential tropical drink served up in a Tiki glass or carved out pineapple is what comes to mind when I think of tropical cocktails. In today’s post we explore 5 tropical cocktails you must try when visiting Maui for the first time or tenth time (and I can assure you that the ‘research and development‘ needed for this post was great fun!)

We’ve already explored the yummy Mai Tai in a previous post and let our readers know who we think serves up the best on the South Shore if not all of Maui and we’re going to revisit it briefly again in today’s post.

In no particular order…

The humble yet delicious Piña Colada.  While it’s origins don’t stem from the Hawai’ian Islands, it’s comfortably made itself at home here in our little tropical archipelago and we welcome it with true Aloha!

The piña colada (from the Spanish words: piña or “pineapple,” and colada “strained“) is a sweet cocktail made with rum, coconut cream or coconut milk, and pineapple juice, usually served either blended or shaken with ice. It may be garnished with either a pineapple wedge, maraschino cherry, or both. The piña colada has been the national drink of Puerto Rico since 1978, but we don’t think Puerto Rico will mind if we borrow it.

Piña Colada Recipe (Our revised version of Kōloa’s recipe)

  • 2 oz  Kōloa Kaua`i white (or coconut rum – or use 1 oz each of white and gold or dark for a more flavorful colada)
  • 2 oz Frozen Hawaiian Sun Coconut Milk
  • 2 oz pineapple juice (preferably fresh) + a few frozen pineapple chunks
  • 1 cup crushed ice

Blend or shake and pour into a suitable glass and garnish with pineapple and cherry, little umbella or tropical flower.

Next up is the Blue Hawaii. The Blue Hawaii is a tropical cocktail made of rum, pineapple juice, blue Curaçao, sweet and sour mix, and sometimes vodka as well.

The Blue Hawaii was invented in 1957 by Harry Yee, legendary head bartender of the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki, Hawaii when a sales representative of Dutch distiller Bols asked him to design a drink that featured their blue color of Curaçao liqueur. After experimenting with several variations he settled on a version somewhat different from the most popular version today, but with the signature blue color, pineapple wedge, and cocktail umbrella.

Blue Hawaii Recipe (our revised version of the Food Network’s recipe)

Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice and mix vigorously. Stop when the shaker is too cold to hold. Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with (of course) a drink umbrella and/or pineapple skewer.

The Chi Chi has a loyal island following and it’s easy to see why.

The not-so-distant cousin of the Piña Colada resembles the basic make-up of Puerto Rico’s national drink, while exchanging rum for vodka. The Chi Chi’s history  is a little vague but was likely first invented shortly after the Piña Colada made its first debut. The Chi Chi gained it’s immense popularity in 1970s and ‘80s but still has it’s loyal following.

Chi Chi Recipe

  • 3 oz. Pau Maui Vodka
  • 4 oz. Pineapple Juice
  • 2 oz. Frozen Hawaiian Sun Coconut Milk (available at Foodland)
  • 1/2 oz. Simple Syrup or 1 tsp powdered sugar

Tropical Cocktails MauiBlend on high, pour into suitable cocktail glasses and garnish with pineapple spear or orchid flower.

TIP- Freeze pineapple juice in ice cube trays for a super frozen concoction!

* A twist on the Chi Chi recipe is to add one ounce of Passionfruit syrup in replacement of the simple syrup! Yum!

We look next at another twist on our favorite Piña Colada recipe, the Lava Flow – imagine the Piña Colada married with fresh strawberries and you get the Lava Flow. Decadent!

Our recipe today comes from Mixologist, Joey Gottesman of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki.

Royal Hawaiian Lava Flow
Muddle in the bottom of a Boston shaker glass:

  • 2 fresh strawberries
  • 1-2 in. slice of banana (use one of Maui’s famous Strawberry Bananas if you can find them)
  • Fill shaker glass with ice and then add:
  • 1 oz. Frozen Hawaiian Sun Coconut Milk
  • 1 oz. pineapple juice
  • 1.5 oz. Old Lahaina Rum (or other golden rum)

Cover with top of the Boston shaker, shake vigorously. Pour into a hurricane glass. Garnish pineapple wedge and paper parasol. Enjoy.

TIP – The key to preparation is to muddle the strawberries separately from the other ingredients.

Best Mai Tai MauiAnd finally we get to our favorite, the Mai Tai.  Now, a few weeks ago I wrote about our favorite restaurant to saddle up at the bar and have a delicious Mai Tai so I know that I can’t top this recipe.  I’ll just share it again here.  Make your own or head to Monkeypod and have one of theirs.

Monkeypod Mai Tai Recipe

  • 1 oz. Old Lahaina Light Rum
  • 1 oz. Old Lahaina Dark Rum
  • 1/2 oz. macadamia-nut orgeat
  • 1/2 oz. Marie Brizard Orange Curaçao
  • 3/4 oz. fresh lime juice

Honey Liliko‘i Foam

  • 1/2 oz. honey
  • 1 oz. liliko‘i purée
  • 1 oz. simple syrup
  • 1 oz. egg whites
  • 1.5 oz. cold water

Mix foam ingredients well and put in a nitrous-oxide (NO2) infuser* to half capacity. Use 4 charges for a liter-sized infuser. (Or blend ingredients on high speed till foamy.) Add lime juice, orgeat  (a sweet syrup made from almonds, sugar, and rose water or orange flower water), orange curaçao and Old Lahaina Light Rum to mixing glass. Shake with 1 cup cubed ice about 30 seconds and pour into highball glass. Float dark rum. Top with honey-liliko‘i foam and garnish with pineapple half moon.

*also known as a ‘Whipped Cream Dispenser‘ , widely available on Amazon.

None of these 5 drinks strike your fancy? How about trying one of these tropical drinks?

Bay Breeze – cranberry, pineapple, vodka
Tropical Itch – bourbon, rum, curacao, lemon juice, passionfruit puree, bitters
Mango or Lilikoi Mojito – passionfruit/mango puree, lemon/lime juice, sugar, mint, club soda
Lilikoi Martini – vodka, passionfruit juice shaken
Daiquiri – rum, lime juice and sugar syrup
Maui Mule – vodka, pineapple, lime juice, Pimm’s No. 1, Ginger Beer

Tropical Cocktails Maui

Have a favorite drink that you enjoy on the island?  Leave us a note in the comments below and let us know!

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5 Tropical Cocktails You Must Try When Visiting Maui- Vacation Rental Maui

7 Best Happy Hours In South Maui | Where To Find Kihei’s Best Eats & Cocktails Before Sunset

Best Happy Hours Maui
7 Best Happy Hours In South Maui – Where To Find Kihei’s Best Eats & Cocktails Before Sunset

Mmmm… Mai Tai’s, Chi chi’s, Lava Flows, Pina Coladas, Ice Cold Beer… no matter your favorite cocktail or adult beverage to drink while visiting the island paradise that is Maui, you are sure to find some great deals at our local watering hole happy hours.

You’ve been soaking up the sun all day at the beach, tummy is grumbling, it’s not quite dinner but you’re ready for some *pupu’s and a nice adult beverage.  Here’s a list of South Maui’s top happy hours and a few menu samples. We’re featuring 7 top happy hours, one for each day of your 7-day itinerary!

*pupu [poo-poo] noun, From the Hawaiian word pūpū.  Polynesian-Hawaiian Cookery.
1. any hot or cold usually bite-size appetizer, snacks, small bites, often served in a varied assortment.

Showing 7 of our Happy Hour picks – In Blue Martini’s and the

Orange Bed is our condo location.

We’ll start at the top of the map, the northern most watering hole which is;

Maui Brewing Co.

This is a fantastic spot for happy hour, but it’s also great for lunch, dinner and brewery tours! But if happy hour is your thing, check out their Logo Wear Wednesdays where wearing any of their logo shirts or hats will get you $2 off MBC beers all-day-long! Combine that with their happy hour which runs 3:30pm-5:30pm & 9:30pm-11pm Daily and you’ve got yourself a great deal!

They have a great patio and the brewery sits up on a hill so you get a great view toward the ocean and sunset. Happy Hour – $1 Off House Beers, $3 Off Culinary & Classic Cocktails, $10 Pizzas, 50% Off Select Appetizers.

(I love their Panko Calamari with Sriracha mayo, lime & furikake!! Pair this with their Imperial Coconut Porter and OMG!)

Check out our blog post about Maui Brewing Co here!

Menu Link:

Address: 605 Lipoa Pkwy Kihei, HI 96753

South Shore Tiki Lounge

Gotta love Tiki Kitsch!

Next on our map we scoot over toward the beach where we find South Shore Tiki Lounge.  Recently voted BEST Bar in Hawai’i.

“The young (and young at heart) flock to South Shore Tiki Lounge, where bamboo and kitschy tiki decor complement a full bar, outdoor lanai, great wait staff, surf videos and a menu of sausages, burgers and some of the best pizza on the island.”

   – Maui Time Weekly

All Day Happy Hour 11am-6pm Daily
$4.00 Sauza margaritas, Well drinks from their premium well, Bloody Marys & Pacifico Draft,
$3.00 Primo Draft

Give their TBone’s Famous Sliders a try! A trio of local Maui beef sliders with pickles and a garlic aoili mayo on a Hawaiian sweet roll. 

Menu link:

Address: Kihei Kalama Village, 1913-J S. Kihei Rd., Kihei

Three’s Bar & Grill

Serrano Hibiscus-rita at Three’s

Located in what is locally known as the ‘Triangle’ and just a few doors away from South Shore Tiki, we find Three’s Bar & Grill.  Called the Triangle due to the location of several bars within a few meters of one another. Definitely walking distance if you wish to bar hop.

With accolades such as MauiTime Best of Maui 2017: Best Pupus on Maui 2017 and MauiTime Best of Maui 2016: Best Happy Hour on Maui 2016 how can you go wrong with Three’s!

Three’s gets it name from the 3 chefs, surfers and best friends Travis Morrin, Cody Christopher, and Jaron Blosser, owners of not only Three’s but also my favorite healthy noshing joint Fork & Salad (soon to have a 2nd location in Kahului!) and Three’s Food Truck which is generally featured at Kihei 4th Fridays.

Happy hours run 3pm to 6pm and again 9pm-10pm (late night HH in the Surf Lounge only)

Why not give their Coconut crusted fish tacos a try!

Well drinks, draft beer and house margaritas $3.50, top-shelf cocktails $6.50

Menu Link:

Address: 1945 S Kihei Rd, Kihei, HI 96753

Fred’s Mexican Cafe

Stellar sunsets from this happy hour hot spot!

Up next we head just a little further south down the beach to Fred’s Mexican Cafe. Fred’s is our Tuesday watering hole. Fred’s is also the next door neighbors to our condo complex and a quick 3 minute walk from our door to theirs. On Tuesdays during the busy season, you’ll find a line out the door for their Tuesday Taco happy hour special.  Fish-bowl sized house margaritas (great with shot of Cuervo on the side!) and plate of fish tacos make up their Tuesday special. But any day is a great day for happy hour because Fred’s has a great lanai that sits over South Kihei road, directly across from ‘our ‘ beach Kamaole II, where you can catch sunset just after happy hour if you time it just right.

Menu Link: Fred’s

Address: 2511 S Kihei Rd, Kihei, HI 96753

5 Palms Restaurant

Can’t beat their ocean view + umbrella drinks!

If you’re not too tipsy by now, we’ll waddle over to 5 Palms Restaurant & Bar. 5 Palms is located just about a mile south of our condo and Fred’s and sits on the north end of Keawakapu Beach. If you don’t want to walk from our condo why not hitch a ride with our favorite $3 Turtle Tracks shuttle! Perfect for when you want to drink and not drive!

5 Palms is fantastic for it’s location, stellar views of the beach and sunset. Their happy hour is immensely popular so make sure to get there early enough to grab a seat. It’s not overly crowded, but it’s a more intimate restaurant with limited seating.

You can count on tropical cocktails with an umbrella and a garnish of pineapple! Their mai tai’s are good but hold out for our next up happy hour spot, their mai tais are my favorite. This place is all about ambiance. Tiki torches, tropical drinks right over the beach, sunset. Doesn’t get much better!

Happy Hours run 7 days a week from 3-5pm with Late night happy hour from 9-10pm.

Happy hour specials include 50% off Happy Hour Sushi & Pupus with a one drink minimum per person.  Select draught and bottle beer $6, wine $8 on up to house cocktails for $8.95

Menu link:

Address: 2960 S Kihei Rd, Kihei, HI 96753

Monkeypod Kitchen

If mai tais are on your bucket list, then look no further. We’ve posted about Monkeypod’s mai tais before – they’re that delish! Crafted from old lahaina silver rum, old lahaina dark rum, lime, house-made macadamia nut orgeat, orange curacao, honey-lilikoi foam – they’re a departure from the very traditional but we think you’ll love it!

This is a hopping-busy restaurant so plan accordingly. Happy hour is popular as is dinner (reservations recommended)

Two happy hours each day, I recommend the earlier to catch sunset if you time it just right. Happy Hours run from 3pm-5:30pm and 9pm-11pm.

$4.75 for beers originally $9 and under, $7 for beers $9-$11, $10 for beers $12 and over.

Ocean Vodka cocktails $6, White and red wines by the glass $6, Culinary cocktails $8

50% off All Appetizers
with the exception of the raw bar mixed plate and poke tacos. Pizzas $9

Menu Link:

Address: 10 Wailea Gateway Place, Kihei, HI 96753

Mulligan’s On The Blue

Sunset view from Mulligan’s lanai

Last up on our Happy Hour train is Mulligan’s! Come experience our “Irish Aloha” on the south coast of Maui! Maui’s only Irish Pub! Mulligan’s is a happening pub well known for their daily live entertainment and pub grub!

Located in Wailea, just a hop, skip and a jump from our condo, at the Wailea Blue [Golf] Course’s 19th hole. Mulligan’s is well known for their nightly entertainment.

Head over for a pint, cocktail or Whisky and some pub grinds and hang out for the entertainment. Don’t expect three asparagus spears with a twig of thyme here, you will find decent pub fare, the food is good, filling and the beer and whisky menu will impress!

Happy Hour Beverages – Jameson, Powers & Tullamore Dew $7, Imported Bottled Beer $5, Well Drinks and House Wines $6, Domestic Draft Beer $4, Mai Tai’s & Mojitos $7, Domestic Bottled Beer $4

Mulligans’ Happy Hour runs 2pm-5pm & 10pm-Midnight, Daily.  33% Off Food Items / Beverages as listed on their menu

Menu link:

Address: 100 Kaukahi St, Kihei, HI 96753

(UPDATE: Our friends at Mulligans have let us know the following;

“A few changes have been made to the Happy Hour menu at Mulligan’s on the Blue with daily specials now offered from 2pm to 6pm. $5 drink specials and a menu of 8-10 items all at just $8!!! Items include Fish Tacos (3), a Cheeseburger with fries, Mini Fish and Chips, Jumbo chicken wings, Coconut shrimp, Chicken or Veggie quesadillas, Parmesan and Panko Macaroni and Cheese, and more!!!!”

Prices and menus are accurate at the time of this blog posting but are subject to change.  Let us know if you find something that needs updating!

Have a favorite Maui Happy Hour? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll give them a try, uh…um… for research purposes of course!

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7 Best Happy Hours In South Maui | Where To Find Kihei's Best Eats & Cocktails Before Sunset -

Get Your Morning Fix At The Cinnamon Roll Place In Kihei Maui

Cinnamon Roll Place Maui
Get Your Morning Fix At The Cinnamon Roll Place In Kihei Maui

You’re up with the birds and out walking the beach road in Kihei and then it hits you, the delicious aroma of fresh baked, warm cinnamon rolls and coffee! You make a little detour along an unassuming strip mall and WOW, this is the spot!

Cinnamon Roll Place Maui

The Cinnamon Roll Place in Kihei, Maui has been a town favorite for years and it’s easy to see why, or smell why. With warm cinnamon-brown sugar smells wafting it’s just too much to resist.

Cinnamon Roll Place Maui

The Cinnamon Roll Place is a tiny little hole-in-the-wall breakfast eatery that serves up, well… cinnamon rolls. They also have coffee drinks of course and their breakfast menu includes delicious items like cinnamon bread pudding, scones, island style banana bread, muffins and cookies.

Cinnamon Roll Place Maui

But it’s the Cinnamon Rolls that bring them their loyal following! Especially when they’re topped with cream cheese frosting and macadamia nuts!

Cinnamon Roll Place Maui

Cinnamon Roll Place Maui

Imagine a hot, gooey, cinnomony roll topped with your choice of macadamia nuts, pecans, walnuts, almonds, raisins and/or cream cheese frosting.

Cinnamon Roll Place Maui


Lunch Too!

In addition to breakfast items, you can get a quick lunch bite here too. Simple lunch here includes fresh made sandwiches or salad.

Cinnamon Roll Place Maui


Why not try their version of egg sandwiches like the ‘Spamhead’ with fluffy eggs, Spam and cheese? Spam, it’s a thing in Hawai’i. Other breakfast sandwiches include The Egg Head, The Pig Head, The Veggie Head, The Hot Head and more.

Cinnamon Roll Place Maui


The Cinnamon Roll Place hours are 7 days a week 5:30 am to 3:00 pm and they’re conveniently located just next door to our condo complex, and across from Kamaole II beach (think ‘grab breakfast and coffee and hit the beach to watch the world wake up‘.)

Cinnamon Roll Place
2463 S. kihei Road
Open everyday 5:30am-3pm.

Cinnamon Roll Place Maui

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Cinnamon Roll Place Maui - Vacation Rental Maui

Enjoy A Magical Weekend At The Kapalua Wine And Food Festival

Kapalua Wine Food Festival
Kapalua Wine And Food Festival

The 37th Annual Kapalua Wine Food Festival is taking place June 7-10, 2018 and is sure to summer’s premier event on Maui.


Join us for the Kapalua Wine and Food Festival – a magical weekend on the shores of the world-renowned Kapalua Resort and the longest running food and wine event in the USA.
This annual wine festival on Maui brings together oenophiles, gourmands and enthusiasts of the good life to celebrate, learn and experience the finest culinary trends and viniculture.

2018 TICKETS NOW ON SALE! Must Bring Valid ID

For more information or to purchase tickets visit the Kapalua Wine And Food page.

For a limited time, early bird pricing is available on signature evening galas for $195 until May 1st.

Kapalua Wine Food Festival


Schedule of EventsKapalua Wine Food Festival


Festival Golf Tournament
The Bay Course, Kapalua – 7:00 am
Not included in 4-day pass; sold separately
Advance registration required

Regional Focus: “Sand & Fog” Santa Maria Valley Wine Seminar & Tasting
Merriman’s Kapalua – 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm

Part of the Central Coast AVA, this appellation is the oldest in this portion of California. Owing to the cool growing climate, the valley is best known for its Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Sample some of the areas’ finest producers favorite vintages. Hosted by Master Sommelier Michael Jordan.
Confirmed winemakers/wineries to date:

• Jill Russell – Cambria Estate Vineyard & Winery
• Wes Hagen – J. Wilkes
• James Ontiveros – Native 9
• Jonathan Nagy – Byron/Nielson

Varietal Focus: “Let’s Be Franc!” – World Cabernet Franc Wine Seminar & Tasting
The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua – 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

One of the major grape varieties worldwide, principally grown for blending with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in the Bordeaux style, but can also be vinified alone. A lesser-known and lighter varietal than Cabernet, join us to learn more about this worldwide favorite. Hosted by Master Sommelier Michael Jordan.
Confirmed winemakers/wineries to date:

• Pam Starr – Crocker & Starr
• Manny Pires – Gandona
• Raj Patel – Patel Wines


Kapalua Wine Food Festival The Grand Tasting – Kapalua Style
Sponsored by Montage Kapalua Bay – 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Come dressed in your best “White Party” attire for this year’s event! Premium wines are showcased with fabulous gastronomic indulgences from Kapalua Resort restaurants and friends. A walk-around tasting and evening under the stars; all on the oceanfront grounds of Montage Kapalua Bay.

Also featuring Petrossian Caviar station and a phenomenal Cheese Display by Kent Torrey of The Cheese Shop in Carmel, CA and Maui made sweet treats by The Maui Cookie Lady and Sweet Aloha Baking Company. Sample the winning cocktail from the Banks Rum mixology contest.

Participating Restaurants to date:

• Cane & Canoe
• The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua
• Merriman’s Kapalua
• Pineapple Grill
• Plantation House
• Chef Jennifer Jasinski, Presented by Maui Visitors Bureau
• Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar
• Sugar Beach Events
• Taverna
• Honolua Store


Kapalua Wine Food Festival Digging in to Unique Terroir – France, Italy and Hungary – International Wine Seminar & Tasting
The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua – 11:00 am– 12:30 pm

Moderator Jessie “JABS” Birschbach, Managing Editor of The SOMM Journal and Master Sommelier Patrick Okubo host a journey through a handful of the Old World’s most distinctive examples of terroir: renowned wine regions where the earth and climate can actually be tasted! Travel  in a glass to the regions of Brunello di Montalcino, Alto-Adige, Burgundy and the Tokaj region of Hungary.

Confirmed winemakers/wineries to date:

• Lars Leicht, Trade Development Director for Banfi Vinters presenting Castello Banfi’s Brunello di Montalcino
• Kristina Sazama, DipWSET, Wine Educator for Santa Margherita highlighting the Kettmeir wines of Alto Adige
• Patrick Okubo, MS, CWE, Young’s Market for Kobrand and the Burgundian wines of Maison Louis Jadot
• Enikő Magyar, Project Director for Wines of Excellence, pouring Mád Hungarian wines
• Jessie “JABS” Birschbach – The SOMM Journal


Cooking Demonstration Celebrity Chefs Nancy Silverton & Nancy Oakes   
The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua – 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Enjoy the cuisine of famed chefs and good friends Nancy Silverton/Pizzeria and Osteria Mozza, Los Angeles and Nancy Oakes/Boulevard, San Francisco. Hosted by Master Sommelier Michael Jordan and paired with the wines of the two “Jeffs” – Jeff Stewart of Hartford Court and Jeff Mangahas of Williams Selyem. New this year, Guest Chef Mike Garrity of Wustof Trident opens the program with a fun and engaging demonstration on knife skills and tricks utilizing the top-of-the-line products of Wustof Trident. One lucky audience member will win a drawing for a CLASSIC IKON seven-piece block set (a $758 value).

Confirmed winemakers/wineries to date:

• Jeff Stewart – Hartford Court Winery
• Jeff Mangahas – Williams Selyem


Kapalua Wine Food Festival Hang Loose with Grey Goose & Banks Rum
The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua, ‘Ai ‘Ono Tacos & Tequila – 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Join Grey Goose & Banks Rum for a poolside party featuring handcrafted Goose cocktails, specialty appetizers from The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua culinary team and live music from DJ Tony. Open to the public.

For more information call 808.669.6200 


Historical Focus: Family Tree – Scions of Family Wineries     
The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua – 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

This seminar brings together second and third generation winemakers and their winemaker parents to share their secrets, stories and wines.  Hosted by Master Sommelier Michael Jordan.
Confirmed winemakers/wineries to date:

• David Long – David Arthur Vineyards
• Laura Long – David Arthur Vineyards
• Ryan Hill – Hill Family Vineyards
• Doug Hill – Hill Family Vineyards


VarietalKapalua Wine Food Festival Focus: Champagne & Caviar Wine Seminar & Tasting
The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua – 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Hosted by Master Sommeliers Rob Bigelow and Patrick Okuno with Christopher Klapp of Petrossian Caviar. Sample the finest in caviars alongside premium Champagnes.

Confirmed panelists to date:

• Christopher Klapp – Petrossian Caviar
• Rob Bigelow – Master Sommelier 


Cooking Demonstration with Celebrity Chef Hubert Keller 
The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua – 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Celebrity Chef Hubert Keller of Food TV fame and a Frenchman classically trained by France’s top Chefs, will present his French-inspired healthy cuisine paired with wines of James Hall of Patz & Hall Winery hosted by Master Sommelier Michael Jordan. New this year, Guest Chef Mike Garrity of Wustof Trident opens the program with a fun and engaging demonstration on knife skills and tricks utilizing the top-of-the-line products of Wustof Trident. One lucky audience member will win a drawing for a CLASSIC IKON seven-piece block set (a $758 value).

Confirmed winemakers/wineries to date:

• James Hall – Patz & Hall
• Marcus Notaro – Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars

Featured Menu:

Hamachi Tiradito, Aji Amarillo Peppers, Citrus, Sea Asparagus and Caviar
Pan seared Diver Scallops, caramelized Pork Belly, Beluga Lentils and Shallot Butter
Wagyu Rossini Burger, seared Foie Gras, Truffles, on Brioche Bun
Pineapple Carpaccio with Lemon Sorbet, Cilantro Granite, Pineapple Chips and Crystallized Cilantro


Varietal Focus: World Famous Pinot Noir Wine Seminar & Tasting
The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua – 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Top Pinot Noir producers gather to showcase their premium vintages and share their passion for this illustrious varietal.

Confirmed winemakers/wineries to date:

• Jeff Mangahas – Williams Selyem Winery
• James Hall – Patz & Hall
• Jeff Stewart – Hartford Court Winery
• Nico Cueva – Kosta Browne
• Michael Browne – Cirq



Seafood FestivalKapalua Wine Food Festival
The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua – Beach House Lawn – 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
14 of Maui’s Top Restaurants showcase a seafood specialty and culinary creation in competition for Maui No Ka Oi Magazine’s “Best of the Fest” award. Featuring a Grey Goose Martini Bar and Hawaiian entertainment provided by local favorite band Nuff Sedd.

Participating Restaurants to Date:

• Fleetwood’s on Front St.
• Gannon’s
• Hula Grill Ka‘anapali
• Humuhumunukunukuapua’a
• Japengo
• Joey’s Kitchen
• Mauka Makai
• Pacific’O Restaurant and O’o Farm
• Roy’s Ka’anapali
• Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa
• The Banyan Tree
• The Mill House
• Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar, Wailea
• UH Maui Culinary Arts Program

All events, prices, personalities, performances, menus, wines, venues, dates and times subject to change without notice.




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Kapalua Wine & Food Festival Maui 2018 - Vacation Rental Maui

Maui Friday Town Party | 5 Fridays 5 Towns 5 Parties

Maui Friday Town Party
5 Fridays, 5 Towns, 5 Parties!
Maui Friday Town Party

Maui Friday Town Parties happen every Aloha Friday with the first Friday being Maui Friday Town Party – Wailuku! Spearheaded by the Maui County Office of Economic Development, each party highlights one of Maui’s historic small towns and along with their unique, local businesses. Whether it’s an eccentric art show in Lahaina or a paniolo party in Makawao, each town creates an authentic atmosphere including great food, stellar music and local vendors!

Both residents and visitors greet the weekend with a special night of Maui culture, friendly faces and free entertainment. It’s always fun and we always find great food, vendors selling unique items and tons of island Aloha can be found!

More information

Which party is this week?

First Friday of the month – Wailuku

Second Friday – Lahaina

Third Friday – Makawao

Fourth Friday – Kihei

Fifth Friday – Lāna‘i

Fifth Friday in Lāna‘i is somewhat unique in that there are only a handful of Fifth Fridays in a calendar year and one needs to take the Lāna‘i ferry to attend.  Package deals are generally available, visit this link for more info.

Be sure to visit our Maui Event Calendar for what’s happening on Maui during your visit

Maui Friday Town Parties

Good Eats!! (We say Ono Grindz in Hawaii!)

Friday Town Parties offer a safe and fun community-oriented, family-friendly street fair to kickoff your Maui weekend.

Surrounding businesses offer extended retail hours and special promotions. Artisans, crafters, and culinary contributors add lots of variety to each town party. Have fun while supporting Maui’s economy and revitalizing historic Maui.

• Live Music for everyone!

• Lots of Family Fun!

Maui Friday Town Parties

Fun For All!

No matter where the Maui Friday Town Party, every event is community-minded and kid-friendly. With a heartwarming, small town feel, each party includes retailers, local artisans and crafters, delicious food and energetic music.

Maui Friday Town Parties

For up-to-date details on our individual town festivities, connect with Maui Town Parties on Facebook and Instagram, or contact the Maui County Office of Economic Development at or 808.270.7710.

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Maui Friday Town Party - Vacation Rental Maui

Wine Tasting At MauiWine – Maui’s Upcountry Winery & Ulupalakua Vineyards

Wine Tasting MauiWine Winery Vineyards
Wine Tasting At MauiWine – Maui’s Upcountry Winery And Ulupalakua Vineyards

I’ll be the first to admit that we’re just a little bit wine snobby. Our primary home is in the Napa Valley and most of our friends are involved one way or another in the wine industry. In fact Jeff’s family has a long history in this valley (7 generations!) and our son continues the tradition and works in wine sales (and of course we love to drink good wine, who doesn’t?)  What’s very interesting to us, and fun little fact that a wine grower from our town here in Napa Valley has been involved with MauiWine since it’s wine-making inception! We love that Napa Valley-Maui connection!

Wine Tasting MauiWine Winery Vineyards

When you think of Maui, wine country isn’t the first thing that comes to mind but MauiWine & Ulupalakua Vineyards are putting out some very lovely wines.  Located on the hillside of Haleakala in the upcountry area of Maui known as Kula, MauiWine is producing some delicious varietals!  The cooler upcountry temperatures combined with the unique terroir allow for some amazing and complex tastings!

Wine Tasting MauiWine Winery Vineyards

Wine grapes are not the only basis for their wines, they produce their famous pineapple wines and sparkling wine as well as a raspberry dessert wine.

Wine Tasting MauiWine Winery Vineyards

What started out as a temporary wine making exercise soon flourished into a signature wine. While waiting for the grapes to mature, MauiWine began making wine from local pineapples. It’s popularity earned it a permanent spot on their wine list!

Wine Tasting MauiWine Winery Vineyards

Their signature pineapple wine ‘Maui Splash’ is crisp, sweet and slightly acidic with rich pineapple overtones. Perfect for afternoon wine coolers on a tropical island!

Wine Tasting MauiWine Winery Vineyards

MauiWine and surrounding estate and vineyards has a rich and varied history and heritage dating back to 1841. It’s well worth a visit to learn about this rich history.

Wine Tasting MauiWine Winery Vineyards

The Estate wine list includes a Grenache with tasting notes of “roasted nuts. cherry fig. orange rind. cactus. wet fire wood. olive. dusty. plumb. progression. vagrant. wood cabin. curious.” Very interesting tasting notes, wouldn’t you say? I know they had me at ‘cherry fig, orange rind’.  But I doubt I’d turn down sips of the Malbec either how does ‘belgium chocolate. dark cherry. blueberry cream. sweet mint. figgy. pistachios. gushy‘ sound?

Spending an afternoon wine-tasting upcountry is a lovely experience.  We love to sit on their veranda and sip while nibbling on a nicely laid out charcuterie plate. There is a large checker-board for an impromptu game or head over to the lawn for a little game of corn hole.

Wine Tasting MauiWine Winery Vineyards

The well manicured tropical landscape is inviting and makes us think back to a quieter time when upcountry Maui was Paniolo country.

Wine Tasting MauiWine Winery Vineyards

Visiting the winery is easy, just head to Kula along highway 37 – travel through Maui Beef company territory and enjoy the expansive views. You’ll come upon the winery on the left with the Ulupalakua Ranch Store and deli on the right.  I recommend having lunch at the Ulupalakua Ranch Store and wine-tasting in one afternoon. We’ll add a blog post soon about the Ulupalakua Ranch Store and Deli soon!

Wine Tasting MauiWine Winery Vineyards

We found that we really liked one of the wines they produce so we joined the wine club so that we can get it back home as well as provide for our guests. One of our favorites is Kula,  a crisp white wine at a very ‘weekday wine‘ price point – and with tasting notes of; ‘ginger, peach skin, tangerine oil, apricot, honeysuckle. pomelo. asian pear. jacaranda, nectar flower, sweet basil root‘, it is indeed a yummy wine!

The wine club is well worth checking out (make sure they can ship to your state.) Jeff and Casey, our son, really like the 2015 Syrah. With tasting notes of “kiawe smoke. dill. plumb. rhubarb. morels. wet forest. dates. tobacco. darkness. new leather. thought provoking. masculine. fig. green tea” it doesn’t take much convincing to sip this luscious wine!

Wine Tasting MauiWine Winery Vineyards

Visiting the Winery – From their website:


Wine Tasting MauiWine Winery Vineyards

“Starting at the King’s Cottage, we invite you to engage your senses with a tasting at our 18-foot bar, crafted from a single piece of solid mango wood. Take a step back in time with us and enjoy the rich culture of this historic location.

Originally constructed in the 1870s, the King’s Cottage was built for the visits of King Kalākaua, the last reigning king of Hawai’i, who would come to the slopes of ‘Ulupalakua to relax, entertain, and enjoy a little royal vacation time.

Here, it is our privilege to continue this rich tradition of home-grown hospitality as we offer a taste of our handcrafted wines. Whether you plan to visit our historic winery in a group or as a romantic outing for two, you can experience all of our unique wines here, including our popular pineapple wines, Traditional Methode sparkling wines, and our small production estate wines.

Tastings are offered here every day from 10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and guided tours of the historic estate, production area, and wine cellar depart the King’s Cottage lanai at 10:30 a.m. & 1:30 p.m.”

Tasting: 10am-5:00pm
Tours: 10:30am & 1:30pm, 30 minutes

No reservations required for groups of less than 10

Tasting: $10-$15 Fee (flight of 5 wines)
Tours: Complimentary

Wine Tasting MauiWine Winery Vineyards

Private tastings are also available:

“For our most exclusive MauiWine experience, it is our pleasure to offer a personalized tour with one of our knowledgeable wine consultants. Stroll through the beautiful historic estate, view our production area, and enjoy a one-on-one wine tasting in one of the many historic buildings on the estate. A great way to make memories with friends, family, and those you love at MauiWine—all part of this unforgettable private experience.

Time: variable, unavailable for same day booking

Starting at $400, inquire for pricing

Wine Tasting MauiWine Winery Vineyards

A Rare Vineyard Experience

A visit to our vineyard is not only a memorable adventure for the wine enthusiast, but a chance to experience the beauty of the island in an unparalleled way. Stroll between the rows of grapes and run your fingers through the rich volcanic soils that sustain our vines and give each of our varietals their distinctive character. In our 23-acre vineyard, you get away from it all and escape to a little slice of island paradise that is made available to few. At sunset, this experience offers an unbelievable perspective of the island that can’t quite be put into words. Join us outside, in the center of one of the most unique vineyards in the world. Experience a tasting of our estate wines that is designed to be as exclusive as the ground you stand on… where the flavors and aromas of our unique wines blend with the fresh mountain air and the warm glow of the majestic Maui sun disappearing behind the horizon.

*Booking requests must be received at least 7 days in advance and within 45 days of requested date.

Availability Seasonal & Extremely Limited

$850.00 Minimum – Advanced Booking Required

*See Vineyard Experiences for information on private tours and tastings in the vineyards.”

Head on up country and enjoy the spectacular views, laid back style of a bygone era and sip some delicious wines.

Wine Tasting MauiWine Winery Vineyards

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Wine Tasting MauiWine Winery Vineyards

11th Annual Maui County Ag Festival

Maui County Ag Festival
11th Annual Maui County Ag Festival

The 11th Annual Maui County Agricultural Festival, Maui’s prime event to raise awareness about Maui ag while invigorating Maui ag, will take place on Sat., April 7th, 2018. The entire industry, its allies, and supporters come together on the lū‘au grounds of Maui Tropical Plantation in Waikapū to share what each group does for the collective good of agriculture in the County, and to showcase ag’s vital role in the economy, environment, and lifestyle of Maui.

Sat., April 7, 2018
9 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.
At Maui Tropical Plantation (map below)
Admission $5 at door or included with other ticket sales.

For more info visit Maui County Ag Fest

Family Fun!

Hosted by Maui County Farm Bureau (MCFB) in partnership with County of Maui’s Office of Economic Development, generous sponsors and industry allies, here is the opportunity to learn about agricultural issues and their impact on our day-to-day lives.

Event hours are 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.; admission is $5 for adults (kupuna 65 and over free and keiki under 18 free as well). Free parking.

Maui County Ag FestivalFamilies won’t want to miss this year’s “Maui Legacy Pancake Breakfast” from 8 am – 11 am. It’s bingo, a raffle and time to honor Maui farmers who have contributed greatly to Maui’s agricultural industry.

One of the big highlights this year is the expanded “Keiki Zone” complete with bouncers, farm games, livestock exhibit, pony and horse rides and family-friendly food. Entertainment stage with an awesome lineup and great giveaways throughout the day.

And Much More!
More hands on activities found in flower tent. The general public is invited to make fresh flower lei.

Farmers Market
It’s good to know who grows our food. The market also shows the importance to ag of value-added products such as taro chips, pickles, and teriyaki beef: They stretch the season, absorb surplus, and provide extra farming revenue. Also check out MauiWine and Maui Gold tent and Maui Coffee Association. Both demonstrate the process of growing an agricultural product and producing a value-added product.

Food Booths
Humble crops transform into satisfying meals when carefully prepared. Sample the best of all natural beef – hamburgers, poke bowls and smoked meat, Fork to Salad, Roselani Ice Cream, Shaka Pops and local favorites chow fun and smoked meat and 100 % Maui beef burgers and fries. Look for Maui Fresh Streatery and Three’s Bar & Grill Food Truck.

Maui County Ag FestivalKeiki Zone
Kids learn about ranching and food production while at play. Join us for barnyard games favored by children around the world and learn about livestock. Horseback and pony rides, bouncers and Livestock Exhibit throughout the day. Keiki entertainment stage with live musical performances, magic show and more.

Center Stage
Music, taiko drummers and much more from 9 am – 4:30 pm.

Farm Visits
Maui Tropical Plantation offers Tram Rides.

Grand Taste
Maui’s famed regional cuisine is based on locally grown produce: Meet local chefs and farmers who are creating menus that matter. Fees apply. NEW time from 2:30 pm – 4;30 pm. Purchased tickets online in advance $30 at the event $40.  (More Info)

Maui Legacy Farmer’s Pancake Breakfast
Tickets on sale for “Legacy Farmers’ Pancake Breakfast” $10 adults / $6 for seniors (kupuna), $6 for children age 5 to 12. (More Info)

Maui Chef’s Collaboration Dinner
Maui Chefs’ Collaboration Dinner limited to 21 years and older $75 per person/$600 table of eight.

Mark your calendar!

Maui County Agricultural Festival Dates:
Saturday, April 07, 2018

Festival Highlights
Farm Animals: Animals that aid in farm management and provide food are on site.

Grown on Maui: Visit the farmers market and meet the farmers who grow your food.

Food Booths: From farm to table, sample hot dishes, cold ice cream, have lunch.

Keiki Activities: Kids learn when at play. Barnyard games and farm activities.

Wellness/Health: Demonstrations and info on fixing nutritious meals with fresh foods.

Contests: Share your Grown-on-Maui recipes and find out how they compare.

Composting: Learn how to make compost with kitchen scraps and garden waste.

Bugs up Close: The Good, Bad and the Ugly
Landscaping: Kaahumanu/Wahinepio Avenues” and “Landscaping Q/A.”
Taste Test and Ranking of new kalo hybrids
Ag Business Succession
Water Testing for FSMA and GAP
Pre- and Probiotics and Poi Drink Sampling

Soil Nutrient Management
Differences between grain-finished and grass-finished beef

Maui County Ag FestivalMaster Gardner Program booth will have:

UH Seeds and Maui Master Gardener Apiary Honey for sale
Maui Master Gardener Help Desk providing answers to your gardening questions and offering research-based information.
Information regarding our Maui Master Gardener Program and Training
Information on Fruit Flies and our monthly fruit fly class.

Maui County Ag Festival – Support Continues to Grow
Maui County Agriculture Festival celebrates its 11th anniversary in 2018. Designed to raise awareness and educate the community about Maui’s agriculture industry while offering farmers, ranchers and “Friends of Agriculture” a market to sell their products and produce and to interact with the general public, AgFest is Maui’s largest agricultural event.

So Much to Do!
AgFest is a fun, family-friendly, food-enthusists affair presented on the first Saturday in April reduce the disconnect between Maui agriculture and Maui residents through educational displays, interaction with Maui’s farmers and ranchers, cooking demonstrations, and hands-on, interactive displays.

More and more, people seek Grown on Maui when they shop and dine on island. However, Maui ag would like the general public to have a better understanding of the important needs required to have a productive and thriving agriculture industry on Maui. We welcome your support.
Join us at Maui County Farm Bureau.
Learn more about our annual programs including AgFest, Agriculture in the Classroom, Growing Future Farmers and Grown on Maui.

Maui County Ag Festival

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Sugar Beach Bake Shop | Churning Out Kihei’s Best Malasadas

Sugar Beach Bake Shop
Sugar Beach Bake Shop

On a recent trip to Maui we splurged a bit and went off of our normal eating routine to indulge in local style Malasadas from Sugar Beach Bake Shop. I can see now why they have such a loyal following! They churn out fresh, hot Malasadas (read more about what Malasadas are as well as other unique Hawai’ian style local foods here).

Sugar Beach Bake Shop

Malasadas are Hawaii’s favorite fried treat. A malasada is a Portuguese confection, made of egg-sized balls of yeast dough that are deep-fried in oil and coated with granulated sugar or other flavors like li hing mui or green tea. Think Mainland donut holes on steroids. Suffice it to say that they are amazing – and all Malasadas are not created equally!  We tried several and liked Sugar Beach Bake Shop’s the best in Kihei. 

Sugar Beach Bake Shop

They’re well worth the diet splurge and I found that an order of two per person was just the right amount but could have easily inhaled a half a dozen! The outside is just perfectly crispy with just the right amount of cinnamon-sugar added and the inside is light and fluffy and more of an eggy-consistancy. Not doughy, just more dense than a standard donut.  You’ll just have to get up with the turtle doves and head on over to give them a try!

Sugar Beach Bake Shop
Other delicious treats served up by Sugar Beach Bake Shop

There are other very popular Malasada producers like T. Komoda Store and Bakery in Makawao but we’ll focus on the Kihei bakery for this post.

Sugar Beach Bake Shop

Made to order in the flavor or with the filling of your choice (malasadas with filling must be ordered a day ahead), these pipping hot delicious little Portuguese donuts are a real delight.

Sugar Beach Bake Shop

TIP: Get there early, they turn off the fryers at 9am and often sell out.

TIP: Try.all.the.flavors

TIP: Custard filled must be ordered a day in advance

TIP: Try their other delicious baked goods and coffee!

Sugar Beach Bake Shop

From their website; Sugar Beach Bake Shop handcrafts from the freshest ingredients, including sweet cream butter, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, fresh-picked *lilikoi, Dole Bananas and Pineapples and Maui Meyer Lemon zest. Inspired by local flavors and ingredients, our ever-changing selection of desserts and “favorites” are always baked fresh daily. Serving up fresh-brewed Hawaiian OMA coffee and house-made lemonades and much ALOHA all day!

Sugar Beach Bake Shop

Sugar Beach Bake Shop


They’re easy to find, right between their sister Ululani Shave Ice shop and the ubiquitous ABC store on the far north side of South Kihei Road

Bakery hours are Sunday – Saturday 6am to 4pm

Phone: (808) 757-8285

Location: 61 S Kihei Rd. Kihei, HI 96753


*lilikoi is one of Hawaii’s most popular exotic fruits, lilikoi is also known as yellow passionfruit. Lilikois are extremely tart yet incredibly sweet, and so while only the bold tongue will eat them raw, when added to your favorite drink, jam or dessert, lilikoi make everything better.



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Sugar Beach Bake Shop - Vacation Rental Maui

Sharing Our Favorite Island Style Poke – Best Poke On Maui

Best Poke Maui

One of the delicious treats we eat as soon as we land in Maui is some fresh island style poke.

I wrote the following in a recent blog post about Local Style Foods;

Poke – It’s not sushi, it’s poke. And it’s pronounced PO-keh! Many pronounce it like ‘Pokey’ as in ‘Do the Hokey Pokey‘ but the sure-fire way to blend in while traveling in Hawai’i is to pronounce it correctly. Most often Poke is made from Ahi (yellowfin tuna), shoyu sauce (we say shoyu in Hawai’i, the mainland says ‘Soy Sauce’), onions, and any number of other flavors like sesame oil, avocado, seaweed, oyster sauce, Sriracha and more.

Our favorite ‘weekday‘ Poke comes from Foodland grocery store in Kihei. What do I mean by ‘weekday’? Think of it like ‘weekday wine’ – perfect for every day and we have our favorites. But don’t compare to high-end restaurants or a $200 bottles of wine. Still, Foodland wins every time for us.

If you’re not sure if you like poke or not sure what flavor you love best, just politely ask for a free sample to try.  A close runner up for offering great poke is Tamura’s which is a local liquor store/deli that can be found in 4 locations on Maui with one being located on Dairy road just after you leave the Kahului Airport! Perfect stop for when you’ve just gotten off the plane and you’re starving because the airplane food was yuck!


But for today, I’ll focus on the poke from Foodland. Generally speaking, there are dozens of flavors to try. Most are ahi based and others a little more ‘exotic’ such as muscles and taco (octopus).

The word “poke” comes from the Hawaiian word for “to slice or cut.” The main ingredient can be anything from ahi to tako to shellfish.



For the ahi variety you can try ‘California Roll’ with tobiko and avocado or ‘Spicy’ with a Sri Racha based sauce, another favorite is the ‘Wasabi-Oyster Sauce’.  There is the more basic ‘Shoyu’ sauce, or Poke Avocado. I tend to gravitate to the spicy or oyster sauce variety and often order a 1/2 pint container with a mix of both.


Perhaps you’re not sure if you like poke (trust me, if you like seared ahi, sashimi or sushi, you’ll love poke) – no worries, just ask for a sample or two. The gal that works the counter at the Kihei Foodland wears a perpetual smile and is always so pleasant – offering up samples.


Feeling brave and ready to try out some real island flavors? Why not sample the pickled garlic, kimchee cucumber, or other island specialties.

For our guests staying at our condo, we offer a local’s ‘Maika’i Savings Card’, attached to the house keyring.  Be sure to take it along on your grocery trips to save money on in-store specials like their delicious poke.


Foodland is easy to find, it’s located on South Kihei Road, across from Kalama Park (the park with the giant whale out front) and just a few minutes drive or a good half-hour walk (each way) from our condo – Once inside the store, the Poke counter is located in the back right.



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Best Poke Maui - Vacation Rental Maui


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